There are several simple tips that can help you improve your gas mileage. If you are driving a car that gets high mileage that is a start. Driving your car efficiently, keeping it maintained, and combing trips will increase your miles per gallon.

One of the biggest ways to improve your car mileage is to drive a vehicle that gets more miles per gallon, not only that but those types get cheap car insurance quotes and rates. Usually the smaller compact cars get a better fuel per mile than the larger heavier vehicles. The best way to figure out the gas mileage is to check out the book that comes with your car. The book in the glove box has all the information needed to find the gas mileage. By going online you can compare cars to find out which cars get the better mileage. Consider whether your car is a 4WD, automatic transmission, or manual transmission. Gas mileage can differ for the same car, same year, but different transmission. You can save over $600 per year driving a car that gets 30 miles to the gallon, compared to a car that only gets 20 miles per gallon.

Another way to save on fuel is to drive your car more efficiently. Accelerating your vehicle and quickly braking can not only cause accidents, but it can also lower your gas mileage. Aggressive driving causes you to use more fuel. For every 5 miles over 60mph you drive it becomes the equivalent of spending 25 cents more per gallon at the pump. Extra weight in the car causes you to use more gas. Don’t drive around with extra clutter in the car, you will use more gas. What a nice thoughtful idea to leave the car running with the mother in law sitting in the car as you run errands. If you idle the car you are wasting gas. In essence you are traveling zero miles and using gas. On the other hand, if you use your cruise control while driving on the highway you can save gas. Your car is maintaining a constant speed, and that saves gas.

Keeping your car in shape is another way to increase your gas mileage. That includes keeping your car tuned up, driving with the correct amount of air in your tires, and using the correct grade of oil in your engine. A failed emissions test is a big clue that your car is not saving gas. Whenever your car needs a tune-up that is a sure sign that you can save money once you take it to the shop. A car driving out of tune is wasting gas. Under inflated tires can use more gas per mile. Keeping your tires inflated is a good way to save pennies a day on fuel. You should follow the recommend inflation rates on the door or in the glove box. Using the correct grade of oil is important for both your engine and gas consumption. Using the wrong oil can cost you in the gas tank.

Simply put, the less you drive the more you save. It is important to plan your trips so that you can save gas. Combine trips if you can to get more mileage out of a tank of gas. Plan and combine trips so that you are using the car when the engine is already warm. Starting a car from a cold start uses more fuel than if you start a warm car. Consider commuting back and forth to work. See if you can telecommute for work. When traveling on a trip don’t use the top of the car to load extra items. Pack sparingly.

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