There are many safety features that are on a car. There are blinkers that are on the back of the car. The blinkers on a car are used when a person ahs to make a left or right turn. If a person is taking a right turn they can pull the little lever down and that will turn the blinker light to the right on. Of the lever is pulled up then the blinker will blink on and off on the left side. If a person blinkers on their car aren’t working they will need to replace the bulb or the wires. If a car blinkers don’t work it will not pass inspection.

There are seat belts that are in all cars. It is the law that all cars have seat belts in them. Every seat in a car has a seat belt. When a person is driving a car they have to wear a seat belt because it is the law. If a person does not have a seat belt and a police officer sees it they can give that person a ticket or a fine. Seat belts restrain people to the seat. If the car makes a sudden stop the seat belt will hold the person in place. There are a lot of car accidents that ends with a person suffering head injuries form hitting their head on the car dash board because they didn’t have a seat belt on.

There are air bags that are in the steering wheel. Air bags prevent a person from getting serious injuries. If a person car hit something hard the air bag will deploy. A person head and body will be cushion by hitting their air bag instead of the steering wheel. There are a lot of cars that have air bags for the passenger side of the car. Most cars only have one air bag on the driver side. A car air bag will only deploy if the person car hits something hard enough. If a person is speeding and they hit another car then the air bag will deploy.

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